Welcome to Bryce on the Ice

This website was put together as a way to show everyone how Bryce is doing in Hockey.  It will feature practice videos, pictures, game footage and even just general hockey related stuff.


Just a little history of how we got here.

Bryce started out in hockey for the 2017 – 2018 season in the Mini-Mites program.  He only learned to skate weeks before the season began.  He was determined to do it.  However he didn’t want to be a goalie originally.  It wasn’t until a good friend of the family, Tim had Bryce come over to his house to skate on his rink and he put Bryce in net.  He did awesome.

From that moment on, he was determined to be a goalie.  At practice this year he is the one that is always smiling from the moment he hits the ice, sometimes we have to drag him off the ice when practice is over.  Add in the goalie equipment and we have one happy kid on the ice.

Lets fast forward now to the 2018 – 2019 season.  He is with Team 3 The Black Ninjas and is loving it.  We have a great Coaching staff lead by Mike, with Jake and Russ as Asst. Coaches. Every time the kid hits the ice, he is ready to learn, whether he is playing forward, defense or the position he wants to ultimately play goalie.

Keep checking back as new stuff will be added throughout the season.


Team 3 Black Ninjas vs Team 5 Grey


This is the first game of of the season for the Black Ninjas.  Bryce made his debut in the net, the whole team did excellent.  Great passing by the team, great job on defense.  These kids work great together and look forward to a great season.  Oh the score?  At this stage there is no score kept.

Team 3 Black Ninjas vs Team 8 Green Machine


The second game of the season for the Black Ninjas.  Black Ninjas vs Green Machine.  Both teams played excellent.  There were some great passing going on by both teams.

Team 3 Black Ninjas vs Team 6 Yellow


The third game of the season.  Both teams looked great.  It was a well played game with a lot of scoring opportunities by both teams.  It is amazing to watch these kids improve week to week.

Mac Goal Tending Clinic


Bryce got the chance to take the Mac Goal Tending Clinic.  It was a great learning experience for him.  He really enjoyed and also got to break-in his new gear.

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